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Poster: Exit6c Date: Mar 25, 2008 11:14am
Forum: etree Subject: Uploading picture to serve with fileset

Potential newbie question alert.

I have noticed that some filesets have pictures associated with them that displays in the LMA streamer and on the details page of the show. Would someone mind explaining to me how to upload a picture for the show?


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Poster: kustota Date: Mar 26, 2008 9:58am
Forum: etree Subject: Re: Uploading picture to serve with fileset


"The image you upload must be named identifier.jpg (where identifier is your item's identifier name) and you must choose file format JPEG in the metadata editor."


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Poster: dead-head_Monte Date: Mar 26, 2008 12:29pm
Forum: etree Subject: Re: Uploading picture to serve with fileset

thanks for asking -- thanks for answering. why? I recently seeded my 1st and only show to LMA. amazing SBD of hot live music from 1980. by the time I transferred my cassettes, remastered, contacted musicians, had etree create new band item, ftp files, etc -- I was no longer having as much fun.

you may have no idea how much I appreciate these small power-nuggets of valuable info. 10 seconds after having read this post, I added the band photo to the item's webpage. bingo! and I cleaned up a few text entries I had been unhappy with since creating item. never knew how to make edits to meta-data or changes to music filesets. not to mention now having total and complete confidence in putting up the other seeds I have.

Enjoy the Music